Hamer Standard 12-String Bass

Hamer has produced the Standard 12-string basses since 1979. They can still be ordered from Hamer as custom instruments. Standards exist in both the 34" long scale and 30" short scale versions. Most were made with the Split-V headstock but some have the B12A-style headstock. Early Standards have single truss rods, the newer basses have dual truss rods. The electronics and pick-up combinations vary widely.

1979 Custom Quadraphonic Standard - The First Standard 12-String Bass
Made for John Entwistle of The Who
See the Entwistle page for more details

2008 Hamer Standard Limited Edition

Hamer USA Standard Tortoise Quilt Finish 12-String Bass

This Standard bass is a limited edition that has been made for sale exclusively on the Musician's Friend website. It features a 4A Ultimate Quilt maple top, an ebony fingerboard with 10 Victory inlays and Ivoroid Plus 4-ply anniversary binding. It is available only in the Tortoise finish. There are two EMG-35P humbuckers and active electronics. Chrome hardware.


Jol Dantzig told us, "This is a custom order bass for Musician's Friend, they have ordered a number of elaborate customs over the last few years. The anniversary binding is a four-ply ivoroid that we used on our 30th anniversary guitars a few years back."


At a Musician's Friend price of $5,999.00, this bass qualifies as the most expensive production model / limited edition 12-string bass that Hamer Guitars or any other company has ever offered. Only a handful of custom 12's have cost more.

1988 Red Snakeskin Finish Standard

Pete Comita's Short Scale Standard

Long Scale Standard with EMG pickups

Another Long Scale Standard with EMG pickups

Natural Standard with B12A-Style Headstock and Black Pick Guard

Standard in the Burst finish with bound body and EMG pickups


Steve Post's 1993 Long Scale Black Standard with dual truss rods

"I've done the multi pickup / outputs upgrades gradually through the years. Since I use a two amp rig I did these modifications so I could play it live. All of my other basses have at least two outputs. I added a third output for the bridge pickup just in case of a possible studio situation for a different sound. Each pickup has its own output. I mainly use the neck and middle jacks for gigs / rehearsal."

Dan "Bassfreak" Vashaw's 2003 Long Scale "None More Black" Standard

"Bassfreak" is on the headstock, Crown Inlays, Ebony Fingerboard
Dan writes, "I sent Hamer a vial of my blood to mix in with paint."

That's Rock 'n Roll!


Note: It has been reported that as of January 1, 2008 Hamer no longer offers crown inlays. This is due to Hamer being purchased by Fender Guitars, and Fender wants to keep the crown inlays as a special option for their other brands of instruments.