12-String Bass Interviews


Pete Comita
Reminisces about rocking out with Cheap Trick on his Zebra-striped Hamer.

Tom Petersson - Architect of the 12-String Bass
The Original 12-string bassist talks about his new Signature Series 12's.

Doug Pinnick - 12-String Bass in the Kingdom of X
Master 12-string bassist Doug Pinnick and his Yamaha 12, King's X and Poundhound.

Rob Lauritsen - Doug Pinnick's Bass Tech Speaks
Rob offers a unique perspective of life on the road with King's X.

Jamie Hunting - Veteran of the 12-String Bass
The 12-string bassist for Union, Vince Neil and David Lee Roth talks about playing, recording, and gear.

Richard Savoie of Éonz
Richard Savoie : Bassiste 12-Cordes
How Richard included a 12-string bass into his Quebec band Éonz and in his solo work.

Shalini Chatterjee - Shattering the Stereotype of the Female Musician
 Shalini chats about playing live and recording with her 12-string bass.

Mitch Easter - A Rock Master Adds the 12 to His Palette
A veteran performer / producer revels in his discovery of the 12-string bass.

Monty Colvin - Galactic Cowboys, 12-String Bass, and Beyond
Monty discusses his years playing a 12 with GC, his current projects, and his art.

Tony Senatore - A 12-String Bassist Finds His Holyland
Tony presents his new album "Holyland" and the Andromeda 12-string bass.

Tim King of SOiL
Rockin' the world of metal on his Hamer CH-12.

Ian Ringler of Section 16
The 12-string bassist for an up-and-coming Prog Metal band shares his passion for the 12.

David Henning of Big Wreck
A 12-string bassist known for his Big Sound shares some recording tips.

When Four Strings Aren't Enough - Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson
Tom discusses songwriting and musicianship in this interview reprinted from 1997.

Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick
Tom discusses his Chandler 12-string bass in another interview reprinted from 1997.



Matt Eichen of Musicvox Guitars
Matt has been designing and selling uniquely designed 12-string basses since 1998.

Bill Jancar and Kelly Butler of the First Act custom shop
The builders of First Act's very first 12-string bass talk about their new creation.

Jol Dantzig - Godfather of the 12-String Bass
The builder of the very first 12-string bass discusses the origins of the 12, the development
of subsequent 12-string models and the future of Hamer USA.

John Gaudesi of Yamaha Guitar Development
The Senior Designer for the Yamaha Custom Shop gives a tour of how he built Doug Pinnick's custom 12-string bass
from the CAD drawing to the finished instrument with photos of the entire project.

Andy Rothstein of Rothstein Guitars
Andy discusses his transition from player to builder, his self-taught approach to guitar building
and electronics, and the fretted and fretless Andromeda 12-string basses.

The Chandler Royale - 30 Questions with Paul Chandler
The builder of Chandler 12-string basses talks about the development and future of the Royale.

Bob Singer of Waterstone Musical Instruments
Bob discusses his interest in vintage guitars and the Tom Petersson Signature Series 12-string basses.

Custom Bass Builder Jesse Blue O'Neal
From 12-strings and 15-strings to electric uprights from Ergo Instruments.

Mick Donner - Instrument Designer for Dean Guitars
Mick comments on instrument design and the Dean Girls.

Tony Leicht of October Guitars
Discusses his USA-made and imported 12-string basses.

Bill Jansen of Reeves Amplification
Bill introduces us to the "neo-vintage" amps used by Tom Petersson and others. 



Tom Werman and Gary Ladinsky
Recollections of t
he first time a 12-string bass was recorded.

Sam Taylor - From King's X to the Moons of Jupiter
A veteran producer with King's X discusses recording and the 12-string bass.

Producer Steve Ames
Another view of recording and engineering the 12 with King's X.