Hamer - Jeff Ament Model 12-String Bass

Jeff on stage with the original Ament 12-string bass

Hamer made two different custom 12-string basses for Jeff Ament of the band Pearl Jam.
The first one shown here was made about 1990 just before Jeff joined the band.


While this bass is similar to the B12A, Hamer has no specific model name or designation for this bass so they just refer to it as the Ament Bass. It has a solid mahogany body with EMG pickups. Jeff's original bass has boomerang inlays at the 3rd and 12th frets.


1998 Jeff Ament Model 12-String Bass
Black Finish with Dot Inlay Neck

A number of other Ament basses like this one have been made for other players as custom orders.

Kelly LeMieux of Goldfinger

Kelly LeMieux's Hamer Ament model 12-string bass

This bass is currently available at Mesa Boogie Hollywood

Jeff Ament Model 8-String Bass

Hamer also made an 8-string bass for Jeff using the same body style.
Jeff did the custom artwork and painting of the bass himself. These photos were taken in 1991.

1995 Jeff Ament Custom "Acoustic Electric" Natural Finish 12-String Bass

The second 12-string built for Jeff has a partial hollow body cavity. It has a piezo bridge-saddle pickup in addition to its electro-magnetic pickups, much like the design and function of Hamer's Duo-Tone acoustic / electric guitar. The theory behind this bass was that it would achieve both an electric tone as well as an acoustic tone from the same instrument.


In practice the bass didn't seem to achieve as much of the acoustical properties as Jeff had hoped. Jeff still thought the electric tone was great and the style was a nice aesthetic change from his original 12-string bass.