Yamaha Custom 12-String Bass:
Doug Pinnick's Custom 12

Doug Pinnick of the band King's X plays one of the most unusual 12-string basses anywhere. Among other things, it is the only 12-string that Yamaha has ever produced and is completely custom in every respect. These close-up pictures of Doug's 12-stringed monster were taken before the concert in Charlotte, NC on May 5th, 2003.

Like all of Doug's other 12-strings, this bass is left-handed. Unlike most of his other basses, this one actually has a left-handed body to match. His Hamer Chaparral basses use left-handed necks on right-handed bodies, giving them a rather unusual upside-down look.

Doug seems to enjoy "custom graphics" as he puts stickers on all of his basses. The positioning of these stickers occasionally changes, as evidenced by the photos of this bass shown at the bottom of this page that were taken a number of months previous to these.

This bass has a satin finish that is not quite black. There is a single volume control.
The pickup is a Seymour Duncan Basslines P-Bass pickup.

The 4-saddle bridge was purchased from custom shop guitar parts but the tail piece was custom machined at the Yamaha Guitar Development custom shop out of aircraft aluminum to accommodate the reverse string order. The custom tailpiece is held on by five screws.

This bass has a bolt-on neck held in place with six screws. Recently the bass was returned to the Yamaha Guitar Development custom shop to have the neck thickness slightly reduced.


The neck is slightly wider than that found on the Hamer Chaparral, comparable to the neck width of the Dean Rhapsody. It has a graphite nut and Gotoh tuners.

Thanks to Doug Pinnick!