Wishnevsky 12-String Basses

Wishnevsky TW12ver 12-String Bass

This unique custom 12-string bass was made for Odell Robinson by Steve Wishnevsky of Wishbass in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Odell chose the model name for this bass. While 12-string basses are frequently referred to as "12vers", this is the first to actually include "12ver" in the model number.


This is Wishbass serial number 135.


The Gotoh tuners for the fundamental strings are located on the body while the tuners for the octave strings are on the headstock. This bass has Kent Armstrong pickups, passive electronics with volume and tone controls and a Hamer bridge.


The bass before the finish was applied.

Wishnevsky TW12ver in progress


Odell Robinson on stage with the TW12ver

Odell writes, "It's a ringing machine that makes a very kool sound. Still very hard to play. But all I really wanted was a unique 12ver that would freak people out. Well, mission accomplished. I don't think I've ever heard so many people say, 'WTF?' I was able to play it through my full rig. You should be able to see in the background. 8X10 for lows, 4X12 with 2X12 for highs and a big 15 Peavey cab for subs."

Update: The metamorphosis of the Wishnevsky TW12ver 12-String Bass


The Wishnevsky TW12ver quickly developed significant neck issues and became unplayable. After a succession of failed attempts to correct the problem it was decided to salvage as much as possible and turn the bass into something usable. The body wings were cut away and the neck shaved down. Eventually the bass was transformed into this headless bass:


Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Wishnevsky TW12ver has taken on its new form.

Wishnevsky Wishbass 12-String Bass



Steve Wishnevsky sold this bass on eBay. The description reads, "The body is hollow, Curly Walnut on a Poplar center section. The neck is Domestic Maple, with stringers of Purpleheart for stiffness. There is also graphite reinforcement and a massive 3/8" solid steel neck bar. The fingerboard is Wenge. 34" long scale, the nut is 2" wide. The bridge and tailpiece are from Custom Parts Shop and the frets are jumbo size. The bass tuners are Gotoh chromes and the octave string tuners are Grover Rotomatics. The pickup is a Kent Armstrong Humbucker Soapbar. There is only a volume control. Finish is brushed lacquer and there are side dots and strap buttons standard."

States Wishnevsky, "Make sure you want this monster because I won't make any more of these. Too weird an idea..."

Wishnevsky Headstock

Customized Wishnevsky 12-String Bass

Custom 2010 Wishnevsky Left-Handed 12-String Bass

This bass was built by Michael Sparacino in Minnesota. Starting with a body made by Steve Wishnevsky using a 5-string bass neck blank, Michael created this first-ever fretless lefty 12-string bass. The bass has a cherry body with a rosewood fingerboard. Neck through body construction; the neck is 5-ply with a truss rod.

Michael writes, "I've got a 4-string fretless from Wishnevsky and am addicted to the woody sound. I've got that in spades with this 12ver. I went with through-body to optimize the wooden sound."



As to the electronics, there is a single EMG passive pickup with a volume control. The compensated wood bridge was salvaged from a Harmony H-22 bass. "The intonation is surprisingly good given the wood bridge", says Michael.