Who Runs This Site, Anyway?

Surf and Philip pretending not to see the Flying Saucer....

After years of active involvement in 12stringbass.net, we thought it was finally about time to introduce ourselves. We've been having a ton of fun interviewing influential players and builders, writing reviews, doing research and experimenting with new types of bass strings, and playing our 12's of course. Over this entire period of time we haven't spent much time talking about each other or ourselves.

Now it's finally time to expose ourselves - so to speak. Here's a quick look at the partnership that is 12stringbass.net, just in case anybody is interested...

Philip Snyder

Philip has been co-conspirator since day one here at 12stringbass.net. His love for the instrument and eagerness to be seriously involved made him the perfect man to be Mark's "partner in crime". Philip has generated and solidified many of the site's artist and builder connections and has worked endlessly behind the scenes to help make the site what it is today... the most complete and comprehensive 12-string bass resource anywhere.

Philip lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He began playing guitar at age 13 and acquired his passion for the 12-string bass sometime during the mid 1980's. He finally received his first 12 in 2000 and his next two 12-string basses in 2005. While he's remained a guitar player first and foremost (having been a performing and recording artist as well as a guitar teacher for most of his life), his extensive research and applied knowledge has made him an expert in the field of the 12-string bass.

Mark "Surf Rat" Rowe

Mark is the editor of this site and was the sole 4x3 fretless 12-string bassist in the world for nearly seven years. He started playing bass in 1976 and is entirely self-taught. Mark learned to play on a fretless and has played fretless basses almost exclusively throughout his musical career.

Mark was dubbed "Surf Rat" by a guitarist who thought he looked like a California beach bum. The name stuck and many of his friends just call him "Surf".

A huge fan of Rickenbacker basses, Mark is the proud owner of the only fretless 8-string bass ever made by that company. He used it on stage for a dozen years until he discovered the massive sound of the 12-string bass.

From playing the smallest backwoods bars to special events attended by England's Prince William, Mark has established his reputation as a solid and versatile musician and vocalist in both the rock and country music arenas.

In the "real world" Mark is listed in Who's Who in Finance and Industry for his work in marketing and sales. He lives in Nampa, Idaho.

Our Heroes!