12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

LA Wayne from Dayton, Ohio and his Hamer B12L.
Wayne became interested in the 12-string bass after hearing the sounds of Chip Z'Nuff, Tom Petersson and Doug Pinnick. His band plays original rock and covers.


About his rig Wayne states, "Right now it's nice and simple. I have a rack setup with Furman light / power conditioner, SansAmp pre-amp and a Peavey 1400x amp. I sometimes use a lil chorus. The sound goes through two Peavey 1516 cabinets that have a 15 and two 8 inch drivers in each cab."


In addition to his band Wayne uses his 12-string bass in his photography studio. Wayne writes, "I've been into photography and cars since I was young. When I started my lowrider website www.hydroguru.com back in 1997, it allowed me to really enjoy my hobby on a weekly basis. Photographing the models sorta goes with the territory I guess. It's fun to meet new girls and have them pose with the cars for my site."


Be sure to check out LA Wayne's website www.hydroguru.com