Recent Additions to this Site

June 17 Updates

Thanks to Zen Hardy at Valley Guitar Gear we have given away another prize - a Bridge Pick Holder that fits a Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string bass. The Bridge Pick Holder is designed to clip onto the bridge and requires no modifications. It is a friction fit so there is no glue or tape residue to clean up. They are available in a variety of different colors, you can see all the different options here, we gave away a white one. The winner is Jerry Sinclair from Kansas. Be sure to check out and like the Valley Guitar Gear Facebook page. Thanks again, Zen!

A new live-performance DVD including a 12-string bass has just been released - it's so fresh that the reverb is still bouncing off the walls! The band is "Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce", they are a boogie blues band from Kamloops, British Columbia with a long history of awards and airplay. Bassist Terry Strudwick plays his Musicvox MI-5 12-string bass on three songs, one of which he helped to write. Thanks Terry!

Summer is always a very busy time around here and I won't have a lot of time to do updates. If you are going to be attending the NAMM show in Nashville next month be sure to let me know. I'll be there and would love to meet you in person! Plus that will keep me busy and I won't be so inclined to cause disorder and mayhem at the show, well at least not until later that evening.

Also, my web hosting company is finally pulling the Microsoft FrontPage plug on me, it's the software I use to do the site updates. Yes, I know FrontPage has been obsolete longer than our current President has been in office so it's my fault entirely for not changing to FTP before now. So I'll figure it out, might take me a bit...

If you own a 12-string bass and are thinking about selling it, I may be interested in buying it for my personal collection. Right now I'm primarily interested in custom 12's plus brands like Hades, Musicvox, Silver Star, Waterstone, Galveston, October, Jet, Shine, Phil and Tennessee. Please drop me a line and let me know what you've got. Thanks!

May 6 Update

Here are the winners in our 12th Anniversary Contest:

Space Bass Poster

Wilfred Chung - Hong Kong
Art Pearson - Manitoba, Canada
Robert Rodriguez - California


Bassist on the Edge Poster

Barry Marasco - New York
Willie Gee - Illinois
Rich Witherspoon - Ohio


"It's So You!" T-shirt

Matthew Ryan - Louisiana  (L)
Lisa Schuman - Texas (XL)
Paul Delano - Oregon (XL)


D'Addario Strings

Billy Wood - Tasmania, Australia
Micah Terry - Indiana
Chris Falskow - Washington


Thanks to everyone who entered! Prizes will be on the way within the next couple of days.

April 18 Updates

New photos have been added of the Hense 12-string bass. These basses were only available from a music store near Hamburg, Germany for a few years starting in 2004.

New photos have also been added of the Korean version of the Tennessee 12-string bass.

The Dommenget 12-string bass page has been updated with new photos. This bass may be the only one in existence with a tremolo!

April 16 Updates

How often will a string manufacturing company not only put together a custom set of strings to your specification but also create a special package for your set? That's what S.I.T. Strings did for Juan Leõn recently! Read his review of his new string set. Thanks Juan!

Every race has to have a loser. In the 12-string bass world the Starfire basses certainly are one of the last to cross the finish line. It's true that they are inexpensive but given all their problems it might be a good idea to shop around.

You only have two weeks left to enter our 12th anniversary contest and secure your chance to win one of a dozen prizes. Enter before the end of the day on April 30th.

April 1 Updates

Today is the 12th Anniversary of this website - Happy Anniversary to us! It's been a great 12 years. I've done a quick overview of what these 12 years have meant to me and just to prove how passionate I am about 12's (as if there were any doubt) have included a photo of my 12-string bass arsenal. Yeah I know, it's a bit hedonistic and I'm showing off but it should be alright to do that on your anniversary, eh? Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site, you are really the ones who have made this all possible!

As a side note, I had intended to include a short video on that page as a 'Welcome to the Site' sort of thing but I didn't get it finished. Editing video has always been a frustration for me. I've always been a "PC Guy" but I think it's past time I became a "Mac Guy". Everybody I know who is really into video has told me that same thing. So stay tuned, I'll get it figured out one of these days.

In celebration of our anniversary we are giving away a dozen prizes! This is our 9th contest and to enter all you have to do is tell us what the number "12" means to you. A huge THANK YOU to Matt Eichen and Musicvox Guitars for providing the prizes. We're giving away posters, t-shirts and string sets.

Speaking of Musicvox Guitars, the Musicvox section has been greatly expanded, going from a single page to nearly 10 pages. Musicvox has been building 12-string basses since 1998 and was the first company to offer a production model 12-string bass strung Inverted.

A long-overdue interview with Musicvox owner Matt Eichen has been added. Matt has created some very cool guitars and basses, including 12-string basses that have been well received and reviewed. Thanks Matt!

This month it is our pleasure to present the first 12-string bass builder from Spain, Nosiglia Guitars. Thanks Gas!

A variant of the Waterstone TP-12 12-string basses has a cat's eye sound hole rather than the traditional f-hole. Thanks to Bob Singer of Waterstone Guitars!

Have a 12-string bass but you don't like its body? Change it! That's what Alex Berezin did with his Galveston 12. Thanks Alex!

March 18 Updates

While there is no doubt that Klingons are masters of the 12-string bass, their influence has yet to be realized here on this planet - until now! Odell Robinson's custom Bird Of Prey 12 is preparing the citizens of Earth for their inevitable enslavement by both the Klingons and the 12-string bass. MajQa'!

A recent metamorphosis has resulted in the Wishnevsky TW12ver taking on a new form.

Four albums have been added to the Discography section from bands Chemical Tree (from Texas), Lead Kross (Russia), Scars Blue (New Mexico) and 300ft Gorilla (UK).

Our contact info has changed a bit. The UPS Store that I use as my mailing address is moving this week so I figured that if I wanted to get my letters, junk mail and birthday presents I had better let everybody know. Now if I could just figure out a way to NOT forward my bills!

March 7 Updates

All new photos have been added to the Carlo Robelli page. The finish on this bass is one of my favorites.

The limited edition Raven Series 12-string bass made by Oktober Guitars has been added.

February 25 Updates

The White Falcon 12-string bass made by Gretsch for Tom Petersson has been added, including a video showing a complete 360° rotation of the bass.

A huge THANK YOU to Terry Strudwick in British Columbia for the donation to this site, it is greatly appreciated Terry! Be sure to check out Terry's updated Featured Player page.

February 15 Updates

Waterstone Guitars has created a limited edition of medium scale double cutaway 12-string basses. Thanks to Bob Singer!

Sometimes you get lucky. That's undoubtedly how Tom Petersson felt when he stumbled across a prototype Gibson 12-string bass! The one-of-a-kind 12 was built in 1991 and was about to be put out for sale at a guitar shop in Nashville. The bass is now in Petersson's possession.

Chip Adams sent in photos of his Modulus 12. Thanks Chip! In addition to 12-string basses, Modulus also built the 18-string bass that ended up with Allan Woody. Speaking of 18 strings....

Did you ever wake up one morning and think, 'Are 12 strings on a bass really enough'? If so then today is your day to immerse yourself in tons of 12+ string fun from around the world! First out of the starting gate is a completely updated Warrior section with new pages for both 12-string and 15-string basses. Of particular interest is the evolution of the tailpieces on their 15-strings.

Next we go to Russia with updated pages for Shamray Custom Shop 12-string and 15-string basses.

Then it's off to Holland for 12-string and 18-string basses built by Vox Humana.

Finally we end up back in the USA with the 15-string, 18-string and 24-string Prat custom basses. Interestingly, these basses are all strung Inverted. Thanks to Scott Fernandez for the photos of his 18-string bass!

February 9 Updates

An Ibanez SR505 5-string bass was converted to a 12-string by Tommi Myöhänen from Kuopio, Finland. It was completed in late 2013. Thanks to Tommi for the great write-up!

The problem of neck dive has been solved! Neck dive is the #1 concern that most players have with the 12-string bass. This simple trick is positively brilliant and will eliminate the likelihood of your 12's headstock crashing towards the floor. Thanks to Momo Laredo and Clira!

Another custom 12-string bass has been added, thanks to Bill Fellows!

The 12-string bass once owned by Dweezil Zappa and used on one of his albums has been added to the Hamer B12S page. Thanks to John Dacey!

February 1 Updates

It is a pleasure to introduce Tim Whitehouse to the 12-string bass community. Tim is located in San Diego, California and he specializes in custom instruments. Thanks to Tim for the great photos!

Musicvox Guitars introduced the MI-5 style of 12-string basses in 2013 and these have quickly become one of their most popular models. They were a big hit at the 2015 NAMM show!

A tattoo inspired by Tom Petersson adorns the leg of a lovely lady from Australia. Thanks Steph!

I don't usually express my opinions on this site but it's way past time to change that. My editorial for today is about the shut down of Hamer Guitars. Better late than never, eh?


Mark "Surf Rat" Rowe, Editor and 12-String Bassist


It is my intention through this website to spread the "Gospel" about the 12-string bass. The free flow of ideas benefits everyone, and the information that has been collected here is meant to be shared. This resource is not Exclusive, which means to keep some people out, it is Inclusive! If you would like to use the knowledge or photos contained here please feel free to do so, just credit the photos or information as having been obtained from and provide a link to this site. Thanks!