Tony Senatore's 12-String Bass Rig

Tony writes, "I have just put together the most awesome rig, specifically designed for some of my upcoming live 12-string bass gigs and sessions. The rig consists of a Sunn 2000S amplifier driving a Sunn 2x15 cab, running in stereo with a Sunn Model T and another Sunn 2x15 cab. For some of your younger readers, Sunn was THE bass amp of choice for the greatest players of the 60's and 70's. Bassists like John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Felix Pappalardi and Noel Redding all used Sunn onstage and in the studio. I am so excited to have assembled this awesome Sunn rig. For the majority of my normal gigs and sessions I use a vintage 60's Ampeg B-15 and Ampeg B-18, and the amps are maintained and serviced by two of the greatest names in the business, Jess Oliver and Dennis Kager."

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