12-String Bass Featured Player

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Tony "Spazz" Sferlazza from Ocala, Florida and his Hamer 12-string bass.
He is a fingerstyle player.


Tony currently plays five nights a week in a house band in Ocala, Florida at a Ramada Inn owned by George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees. Tony says, "The restaurant / lounge is called 'Pinstripes' - imagine that!" Tony also plays a lot of day gigs in nearby Lady Lake at a place called The Villages, which is like a Disneyland for retirees. Tony makes his living playing music which makes his wife happy as they have a baby on the way.


Tony writes, "The guitarist of the house band and I do a lot of duo work without the band. When we started the duo we both played acoustic guitar and bass only. I experimented with fretless too but that's kind of hard with just playing against one instrument. Then I got the idea to try the Hamer 12-string against his acoustic. I don't know how popular that idea is, but to us it sounds phenomenal and we are surprised not to see more acts that have made this discovery. With the 'acoustic' duo act, I have been using the Hamer 12-string exclusively for eight months now. I use the 12 with the full band as well, but on only about 15-20% of the songs."


A part of Tony's bass collection - Rock On!


Be sure to check out Tony's myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/spazzthebassplayer