The Pictorial Encyclopedia of
Tom Petersson's Basses
Part 2: Tom Returns to Cheap Trick

Tom returned to Cheap Trick in 1986 and continued to use Hamer B12A 12-string basses.


Burst finish Hamer B12A 12-string bass

Amusingly, the sentence, "HI MY NAME IS TOM" appears on this bass.

Hamer Planet Hologram B12A 12-string bass

This bass has a slightly thinner neck than a standard B12A, plus the headstock is thinner and more tapered.


Cheap Trick playing "All Shook Up" with a Mystery Guest playing the Bagpipes.
This photo is from an Elvis Tribute concert in October of 1994.

Hamer B12A 12-string bass
While this appears to be the same configuration and colors as the Planet bass except without the planets, an informed source confirms that this is a completely different bass. Apparently Tom didn't like the planets.

"Elvis" B12A 12-string bass

This bass could be played as either a standup bass using a custom pool cue as a stand or as a regular 12-string bass. Tom played it both ways. It was used in the video for the song "Don't Be Cruel".

The Elvis bass, the Burst finish bass and the Planet bass were pictured in the book documenting Rick Nielsen's guitar collection. Tom has stated that these are his basses, not Rick's.

Black Hamer B12A 12-string bass - Photos from 1988
Tom used this bass during the filming of the Live in Australia concert

Tom also used this bass in the video for "Never Had A Lot To Lose".
The bass was seriously damaged and was subsequently sold and repaired.

Hamer Natural finish B12A - Photo from 1988
This is not the same natural B12A that Petersson was using in 1979 and 1980.
Notice the different number and positioning of the knobs.

This bass was used in the video for "The Flame".

The Kids 12-String Basses

Some time in either the late 1980's or early 1990's Tom and the Hamer Company had a parting of the ways. Tom quit playing Hamer basses in favor of the Kids "Dragon" 12-strings. These had been custom designed in collaboration with Tom, and were essentially a streamlined B12A. Tom owned several Kids basses in a variety of colors and with varying pickup options.


Kids 12-String Bass

Dark Purple finish Kids 12-String Bass
This is a different bass than the one shown above due to the differences in the pickup configuration.


Teal Green finish Kids 12-String Bass


Blue finish Kids 12-String Bass

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