The Pictorial Encyclopedia of
Tom Petersson's Basses
Part 1: The Early Years

Tom Petersson has unquestionably owned and played more 12-string basses throughout the past 30 years than anybody else on this planet. These pages illustrate Tom's 12-string basses. Tom has also recorded and performed with 4-string, 5-string and 8-string basses throughout his career.

Photos have been arranged on five pages, with the first four covering a distinct period of Tom's career. This page covers the basses he played from Cheap Trick's inception through 1980 when he left the band. The next page covers the period from when he returned to Cheap Trick into the mid-1990's. The third part shows the Chandler 12-string basses while part four details the Waterstone basses. Part five covers the 8-string basses.

Gibson Thunderbird 4-String Bass - Photo from 1977


The "Pepto Bismol Pink" 10-String Bass built in 1977 as the forerunner to the 12-string bass


The original Hamer Quadraphonic 12-String Bass built in 1978

On stage at Red Rocks west of Denver, Colorado with the Quad Bass in 1978

Live at Budokan, with the Schmata hanging from his bass
See the Schmata page for more Budokan pics

Hamer Quad Bass after it had been refinished in a darker color


The Hamer B12A 12-String Bass was designed by Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson in 1979.

The B12A quickly became Tom's preferred 12-string bass.


Double-cutaway Hamer B12A 12-String Bass - Photos from 1979 or 1980

Photo from 1980

Tom Leaves Cheap Trick

This photo from Bravo Magazine in 1980 inadvertently forewarned of the change that was soon to come. Tom left Cheap Trick in late 1980 and formed a new band with his wife Dagmar.

Part 1 - Tom's Basses - The Early Years
Part 2 - Tom Returns to Cheap Trick
Part 3 - The Chandler Basses
Part 4 - The Waterstone Basses
Part 5 - The 8-String Basses