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Tim Harden from Round Rock, Texas


Tim has played a USA Hamer B12L 12-string bass since 1998. In addition to his various music projects, he is also the president of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan club (www.texaschainsawmassacre.net), runs several TCM fan sites and has appeared in a number of documentaries about the movie. Tim even got a part in the movie "Wildman of the Navidad" which was released this year.


Tim on stage with the ZZ Top tribute band Cheap Sunglasses.



About his rig Tim writes, "Because my biggest influence growing up was John Entwistle, I adopted the split signal setup. My bass first goes to the Korg tuner.  From there, it gets split to a top-end distortion effects unit and a bottom end effects unit. I知 using a Behringer V-Amp guitar effects rack for distortion and chorus. That output goes to the Crate G-120S guitar amp that has 2x12 speakers. I知 also using a Behringer bass V-amp Pro bass effects rack for the bottom end. That output goes to a Crest Audio CA-6 2-channel amp, and then goes to two 4x10 Hartke speaker cabs. All of this is powered by my Furman line conditioner. When I知 playing songs from my CD live in my solo shows, I値l use this same rig but also with a Boss RC-20XL loop station, where I値l loop riffs on top of riffs with the 12-string bass."

"Oh and the stand that is holding my Hamer Chaparral bass is a stand I made myself. I知 the webmaster for www.buzzardbass.com. The Status Graphite and Warwick Buzzard basses have an elongated 'wing' that conventional guitar stands can稚 keep off the ground, so I designed this stand that not only facilitates the Buzzard line but other basses and guitars as well. I sell those on my web site too."


Tim just released his first solo album. It features three songs recorded almost entirely with his 12-string bass, including a slide solo on the song "Birdcage". It is available on his website - so buy it already! Tim has also used his 12 on recordings with a number of other artists. Check our Discography section for details.

Be sure to check out Tim's website and MySpace page