12-String Bass Featured Player
This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Terry Grant from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and his Waterstone TP-2 12-string bass



Terry has played music professionally for 23 years. He once owned a 1987 Hamer B8S 8-string bass but vowed one day to "pee with the big dogs". Terry finally realized his dream with the purchase of a black Waterstone 12. His influences are Tom Petersson, Doug Pinnick and a really good mousse.


Terry on stage with The Naughty Divas

Terry plays in two bands: Classic rock covers in The Naughty Divas, and blues rock originals in the band Laker. He does a significant share of the lead vocal work in each band. As to gear, in addition to the Waterstone TP12/34 Terry has a 1996 black Hamer 4-string Cruisebass. He uses a SansAmp Bass Driver, Tonebone Bassbone, Digitech Bass Whammy and runs into a Gallien-Krueger 400RB / 210 combo plus a 15" cabinet.

Terry writes, "I am constantly messing with the sonic combinations through my humble rig. The 12-string bass seems like an untamable beast at first but half the fun is the journey! 12stringbass.net is a life saving resource of info for a veteran player like me who still doesn't have all the answers... but I'm having a blast trying to figure it all out!"


Terry later customized his pickguard and truss rod cover with the Cheap Trick checkerboard design.


Be sure to check out The Naughty Divas MySpace page as well as the Laker MySpace page