12-String Bass Technical Info

The Building of the First Act custom 12
How to Build Your Own 12-String Bass at Home
The Building of Doug Pinnick's Yamaha 12
Hamer Factory Tour


12-String Bass Bridges
12-String Bass Tailpieces
Analysis of Harmonics and Pick-Up Positioning
Analyzing the Hamer Quadraphonic Pick-Up
Wiring Schematic for 3-Pickup Stereo / Mono Wiring
Multiple Batteries & 18v Electronics
EMG-HZ Pick-Ups - Specs & Review
EMG Wiring Diagrams


Converting an OLP 5-String Bass to a 12-String
4-String Bass to 12-String Conversion
Gibson Explorer 12-String Bass Conversion
Ibanez T-Bird 11-String Bass Conversion


Setting the Action on a 12-String Bass
Hot Tips: How to Make Your 12 Even Better
The Continuing Evolution of the 12-String Bass