Mark "Surf Rat" Rowe's 12-String Bass Rig

"I use two old Peavey 2x15 cabinets, loaded with JBL speakers. When I swapped out the speakers, the JBL's added about 30 pounds to each cabinet but to say they were worth it is a huge understatement. I took off the Peavey grills since there isn't much of anything left that was actually made by Peavey. Even the jacks on the back were replaced with 20-amp twist-lock connectors."


"I made these new grills. Since I've been playing a lot of country music lately I went with the bull head design. I need to find some other design for when I play rock - any suggestions?"

"I started using 15's when I was playing Rickenbacker basses. Rickenbackers inherently have a great deal of treble and the 15's really warm up their sound and give them the bottom end they need. The 15's also seem to accomplish the same thing with my 12-string bass, they have plenty of lows but still provide enough of the highs for my tastes. I have been toying with the idea of adding a couple of 12's but they really aren't a necessity."

"The power amp is an SWR SM-400, It has a tube pre-amp and solid state power amp. I don't like much distortion so I keep the gain pretty low and let the power amp do most of the work. Occasionally I'll use my Samson Concert IV wireless system but it sucks some of the life out of my tone so I use it sparingly."