Submitting Info to Us

We are frequently asked about submitting information and photos for publication. If you have additional questions, our contact info is at the bottom of this page so give us a shout. Here are a few guidelines:

News / General information
You wouldn't believe how many times we get emails from excited folks who tell us, "Check this out, you're the first ones to see it" then before we can even respond to their email the information is all over the web. It's WAY more fun to be the first to publish details about an item than it is to post the details after it's Old News. In some cases we didn't see the point in making any mention of the news at all - everybody already knew about it. (Almost all print magazines have killed interviews because the person who was interviewed leaked the details prior to publication.) So please consider that it takes time for us to get photos edited and updates done, and give us a chance to share in the excitement too. Thanks!

As a general rule bigger is always better, and of course the lighting and sharpness should be good too. Small images are difficult to use since when they are enlarged to make them more visible, the clarity disappears as the image size is increased. Send us large images and we'll resize them as necessary. Our email will accept files up to 10MB in size, please compress anything larger than this or use multiple emails to submit multiple large images.

Featured Player
Our monthly Featured Player page is available to every 12-string bassist everywhere; thus far we've featured players from about a dozen different countries. There is only one specific criteria - you must play your 12 at live gigs. Please send us at least four photos of you playing your 12 live. You may also send photos of the entire band, your band logo, your other basses and your rig, and your Facebook page / website addresses.

Biographical information should include: how long you've been playing bass; how you discovered the 12 and how long you've been playing it; the style of music you and your band play; what percentage of your songs are played on the 12; your influences; other basses you play; info about recordings you've done with your 12; rig info; how you get the best tone; any special techniques or tips; and anything else you think is relevant and would be of interest to other bassists.

Featured Player pages are kept on the site indefinitely so it's possible that after a while your page could contain outdated information. You are welcome to submit new info and additional photos at any time. Your page will be updated and the changes will be noted along with our other updates so site visitors will be directed back to your page again.

Reviews of any 12-string bass or related products are very helpful for other musicians. If there is already a review of the item on this site, that's not a problem - it's cool to have differing points of view. Please make sure when reviewing items other than basses that the focus is on how well the product relates to and interacts with the 12. Close-up photos that illustrate your points would be useful.

There are three main types of product reviews: stand-alone, comparative and technological. In a stand-alone review, only the product being reviewed is discussed. Typically these reviews are very in-depth, will include product specifications and will answer the question, "Is this a good item?" Comparative reviews relate the item to other similar products and answer the question, "Which of these products is better?" Technological reviews address a particular problem and relate how different products attempt to solve it. All three types of reviews are acceptable. The greater the detail, the better. Don't worry about including too much information, the small details are often the parts of the review that are the most helpful.

If you would like us to review your album or product, send it in!

Please include close-up photos of all your gear and your basses, specifics about signal path routing, schematics if available, EQ settings or other techniques you use to get your sound, any mics or DI used to get the bass into the PA, and any other relevant details.

MP3's and Videos
We can always use new MP3's for the Audio page, and videos featuring 12-string bassists are tough to find. The only restriction is that due to email limitations files must be 10MB or smaller so they may need to be compressed. Again, bigger files (hence better quality) are always preferred. As an alternative, for larger file sizes you can always send them via snail mail.

What did you have in mind? Drop us a line.


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