12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Steve Cooper from Detroit, Michigan with his Hamer Chaparral.


Steve plays in the band Model Citizen, which is one of Detroit, Michigan's best cover bands. He has played the 12-string bass since 1999.


About the unique custom star design Steve writes, "Once I got my 12-string, I knew it was for me.
The problem was, when I was playing it on stage (which I used to do for the entire show, three sets a night, three nights a week), I looked at the pictures and you couldn't SEE the thing! Black bass, black pickups, black headstock, all you saw was the little bit of chrome. So I came up with the 'Star' design and had it put on the guitar, and it has been an attention getter every time I put it on."


Steve first fell in love with the 12 when he saw Cheap Trick in 1979 while working security for them at a small concert venue. Since then he's seen CT 51 times!

Steve credits Tom Petersson as being one of his big bass influences, along with Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, John Entwistle and John Paul Jones.

Steve's other basses include a newer Thunderbird for 4-string work and a Hamer Cruisebass for the 5-string stuff.


Be sure to check out Model Citizen's website