Space Cadet Inverted 12-String Basses

Musicvox Guitars is the first company to offer a production model 12-string bass strung Inverted!

Standard string arrangement

Inverted string arrangement

Musicvox introduced the Space Cadet 12-string basses strung Inverted in 2012. In the Inverted arrangement, sometimes referred to as 'root on top', the fundamental string is on the opposite side of the two octave strings. This Inverted arrangement was incorporated by Rickenbacker on their 4001- and 4003-series 8-string basses for many decades. While some bassists find this string  arrangement to be a counterintuitive way to string a 12-string bass, it opens up playing possibilities that are not possible with basses strung Standard. See the Strings section for more information.


Gold Super Sparkle 12-string bass strung Inverted

Three-Tone Sunburst 12 strung Inverted

Silver Super Sparkle Space Cadet 12-string bass strung Inverted

12-string basses strung Inverted - Finish colors

Three-Tone Sunburst Midnight Black Silver Super Sparkle Red Metallic


Gold Super Sparkle White Sea Foam Green


Screen shot of the Musicvox website