Space Cadet First Series 12-String Basses

The Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string basses appeared on the market in late 1999. They are 34" long scale with neck through body construction and were built in Korea. The white finish is the most common with a three-tone sunburst and limited edition sea foam green finish also offered.

First Series Space Cadet 12-String Bass - White Finish

First Series basses do not have binding on the body, neck or headstock.
All first series basses in the white and sea foam green finishes have the number '12' on the body.



Three Tone Sunburst Space Cadet 12-String Bass


The backs of the first series sunburst 12's are all black. Second series backs are in the sunburst finish.


First series sunburst 12's have white tuning pegs.

Steven Seagal on stage playing a Musicvox Sunburst 12-string bass fingerstyle.
Seagal is well known as a musician and guitar collector as well as an actor.

2001 Limited Edition Seafoam Green Space Cadet 12-String Bass


Only ten 12-string basses were made in the Seafoam Green finish but one was later destroyed in shipping. The standard Space Cadet 12's carried a retail selling price of $799.00 but this limited edition bass was offered at $2,001.00. The features are the same as basses in the other finishes.


The locking tuners on the first series basses have the locking mechanisms on top of the tuner posts.


Dual outputs, one active and one passive.

Serial numbers on first series basses are found
on the back of the headstock.

Musicvox Standard Features:

Neck through body construction
Long Scale 34" Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Dual Truss Rods
Locking tuners
Active and passive electronics
Graphite or Brass nut
Custom cast tail and bridge
Durable urethane finish
Dual signal stereo outputs
Durable padded Musicvox gig bag included

Black Pearl Inlays
1-year warranty

Made in Korea

The late Allen Woody (Gov't Mule, The Allman Brothers) with a white Space Cadet 12-string bass.

The unique Yellow Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string bass that was made for Woody.

Allen Woody autograph on a sunburst Space Cadet 12-string bass.