Silver Star 12-String Bass

Silver Star USB-12B 12-string bass

Silver Star is the house brand name of the Un-Sung Musical Instruments company of Inchon, South Korea. They have made 12-string basses under a number of brand names including Galveston, Carlo Robelli, Jet, Hense and Marcus Martini. The model number USB-12B is used for 12's produced under all of these brand names. Presumably the "12B" designation means "12-strings - Bolt-on neck". All of these brands feature rosewood fingerboards and most have the bat-wing inlays and switchable active / passive electronics. The headstocks vary slightly in shape among the brands as do the finish colors. Tune-o-matic style 8-saddle bridge, 24 frets, 12-hole tailpiece, 34" scale.


Information and photo from the Silver Star catalogue.