The Signature 12 That Almost Was:

A Glimpse At The World Behind This Website
In the early part of 2006 we were contacted by a successful entrepreneur who was in the developmental stages of creating his own line of guitars and basses. He was directed to by a luthier who is a fan of the 12-string bass. After researching the instrument the builder contacted us, told us of his plans to possibly add a 12 to his line, and asked us for help in the design phase of the project.
Many emails ensued and, as ideas were tossed about, we offered to ask a certain Big Name player we know if they might be interested in having a production signature model 12-string bass. Our idea was well received so we contacted the player with a few specific questions regarding what they would want if they could have a bass made to their exact specifications. The specs were returned to us as follows:
- Les Paul body style
- Maple neck and wide fretboard with no fret markers
- Earth-green finish
- One Seymour Duncan Basslines P-Bass pickup
- Single volume and tone controls
So we went to work. We first sent in a few very rough designs to the builder with these specs. After several days we received two very nicely done, but well off the mark, renderings of the bass. One was a single pickup version as requested by the player, the other was a two pickup version. Those renderings looked quite a bit like a blending of two 12's that are already in existence. We radically Photoshopped the renderings in an attempt to make them match the specs we were given by the player. Here is what we came up with:
Single pickup version
Two pickup version
Unfortunately the "deal" fell through shortly after our versions were completed. The would-be builder was overzealous in his approach to the player and, after repeated warnings and directions from us on how to best handle the relationship, he basically scared the player away by demanding too much too soon. At last report the would-be builder was no longer considering building 12-string basses and has moved on to other pursuits.
The point in divulging all of this is to show just a little of the behind-the-scenes work that goes on here at Not all projects are successful but each is a learning experience, and we carry that knowledge forward to the next adventure. And more adventures are in the works...