Ron Schack's 12-String Bass Rig

Ron Schack from Sandy Hook, Connecticut

"As much as I like Tom Peterssonís bass sound, I prefer that big, piano-like cleaner sound that the 12-string bass can produce. My current amp, the SWR 350, produces plenty of high end, especially when driving the 2x10 cabinet. When those are coupled with the 1x18 cabinet I get the full range that I need for the instrument. At smaller shows I sometimes bring the 1x15 rather than the 1x18 just for the sake of my back. For really large gigs (like the outdoor event I recently played) I am considering getting another amp, perhaps a 500-watt MarkBass amp. The effects I use (mostly compression, chorus, delay and wah) work well with the 12-string."

"My basses include a black Hamer B12L 12-string bass, a Gibson Victory custom 4-string, Steinberger Spirit 5-string, a Schecter Stiletto 5-string, Laguna Ocean fretless 4-string and a Fender Precision 4-string bass. My rig is all SWR gear: a 350 amp, 2x10 Goliath Jr. cabinet, 1x15 Son of Bertha cabinet and a 1x18 Big Ben cabinet. I use a Boss Me-50 multi-effect, Korg Pandora multi-effect and an X2 wireless system."

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