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Ron Schack with his Hamer B12L
On stage in Portland, Connecticut with the band Minds Of One

Ron has been playing bass since he was 14 years old. His first bass influence was none other than Tom Petersson. Ron writes, "In those early days I really didn’t know what I was listening to or the significance of the 12 strings on Tom’s bass… but what a sound it made!"

Ron was in an original hard rock band called Open Windows in the mid 1980’s and a punk band called The Organ Donors in the early 1990's. After not being active in music (although he never really put down his bass) for several years, Ron began the project that became Minds Of One in 2002. The first thing Ron did when his interest in music was rekindled was to get a 12-string bass, a Hamer CH-12. "It was a lot easier to play than I thought, and I took to it right away. I would never go without a 12-string bass now." Ron currently plays a Hamer B12L.

His other bass influences include Tony Levin, John Paul Jones, Steve Harris, John Entwistle, Victor Bailey, Steve Bailey and Geddy Lee. When not playing music, Ron is a partner in a performance management consulting firm. He earned a doctoral degree in political science from the University of Connecticut.


Jon Rogers, Tony Villalba and Ron Schack are Minds of One

The band Minds Of One consists of Jon Rogers on drums, Ron Schack on bass and Tony Villalba on lead vocals and guitar. The band will release their debut self-titled CD on December 15th. The power trio’s songs are a combination of melodic heavy rock with bits of classical, punk and pop thrown in. The 12 tracks on the CD are very diverse, ranging from hard-driving rock to ballads to instrumentals. “The release of this CD is a big milestone for us,” says Schack. “I wrote many of the songs on this CD during a very difficult time in my life, and as the CD developed the songs become something that I am very proud of.”

Besides playing drums on the CD, Rogers engineered the CD and guided the band through the recording process. Villalba also designed his own line of Villalba guitars and plays them on many of the tracks on the CD.


Ron uses several basses at live gigs.
See Ron's complete bass Rig

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