Carlo Robelli 12-String Bass

Carlo Robelli USB-12B 12-String Bass

The Carlo Robelli 12-string basses were made in Korea. They were available exclusively from the Sam Ash music stores from late 2003 to 2005. They are no longer listed on the Sam Ash website and presumably only a single production run of these 12's was built. These basses were sold on the Sam Ash site for $399.99 and carried a "list price" of $699.99.


The Carlo Robelli 12 has a body style very similar to the Venson 12-string bass.
Quilted maple top in the Black Cherry finish. Bolt-on neck.


Batwing Inlays


The headstock design and truss rod cover are nearly identical to the Galveston basses.
It has a brass nut and Gotoh tuners.


Eight saddle bridge. Selectable Active or Passive pick-ups


Here is the description of this bass that was on the Sam Ash website:

"The Carlo Robelli USB-12B is a bass lovers dream come true. This 12-string bass features: two soap bar bass pickups; bat inlays; brass nut; black hardware; satin finished maple neck; quilted maple top; sealed tuners; active electronics. Black Cherry finish."

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