12-String Bass Rigs

12-String Bass Rig Theory:
A Step-By-Step Analysis Of What Makes A Great Amp Set-up

The 12-string bass is a complex instrument. To merely call it a "bass" really understates its parameters and underestimates its capabilities. The proper amplification of this instrument should be as well thought out and as versatile as the 12 itself. There are many different options available for amplifying a 12-string bass. You can keep it as simple or make it as complex as you like.

Using Multiple Amps

In this section we break down the 12-string bass rig into its component parts, discuss the role of each part and some of the options available.

Part 1 - The Bass Side
Part 2 - The Guitar Side
Part 3 - Blending the Two
Part 4 - Effects

Combo Amps

There are quite a number of good quality Combo Amps on the market now and they are becoming the rig of choice for many 12-string bassists.

Player's Rigs

There are as many different ways to amplify a 12-string bass as there are different ways to play them. This section details the equipment used on stage by genuine 12-string bassists to get that Big Sound.

Doug Pinnick of King's X

Doug helped us take detailed, up-close photos of his rig. The actual settings he uses are clearly visible.

Thanks Doug!

Doug's Rig

Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick

Tom has used a variety of gear over the past 25 years. Here is his rig as detailed in Bass Player magazine.

Tom's Rig

Ken Ritchie

from Atlanta, Georgia

Ken's Rig

Ron Schack

from Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Ron's Rig

Tony Senatore

Tony's Rig

Ian E.

from Bolton, England

Ian's Rig

Steve Post

from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Steve's Rig

Odell Robinson

from Suisun, California

Odell's Rig

Doyle Moore

from Charlotte, North Carolina

Doyle's Rig

Cory Robinson

from Cranford,
New Jersey

Cory's Rig

George Callobre

from Chicago, Illinois

George's Rig

Ken Morel

from Opelousas, Louisiana

Ken's Rig

Jeff Ament

Jeff's Rig

Bob Nimmo

from Winnebago, Illinois

Bob's Rig


from Sulmona, Italy

MiroN's Rig

Hans Grimm

from Uithoorn, Netherlands

Hans' Rig

Dan Vashaw

from Atlanta, Georgia

Dan's Rig

Hans E. Sahlen

from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hans' Rig


Jon Schwalls

from Savannah, Georgia

Jon's Rig

Shalini Chatterjee and Mitch Easter

Shalini & Mitch's Rig


D.J. Rutt

from Minneapolis, Minnesota

D.J.'s Rig

David Henning of Big Wreck

David's Rig

Mark 'Surf Rat' Rowe

from Nampa, Idaho

Surf's Rig