Our reviews specifically relate to 12-string basses, strings, parts / accessories, processing gear and albums that were recorded using a 12. When you have information about a bass or other item that would be helpful to other 12-string bassists, write a review and send it in!


Dean 12-String Bass


First Act 12-String Bass


Galveston 12-String Bass


Hades 12-String Basses


Hamer 12-String Basses


Hense 12-String Bass


Hiroshigi Kids 12-String Bass


Carlo Robelli 12-String Bass


Tennessee 12-String Bass


Waterstone TP-1
Waterstone TP-12/34 Elite
Waterstone Ozone


Dean Edge Hammer
10-String Bass


12-String Bass Strings





Curt Mangan



D'Addario Piccolo
Bass Strings


Pedals and Accessories

Hartke Bass Attack Pedal


Keeley Java Boost


Sans Amp Bass Driver DI


Keeley Blues Driver BD2


Grant Fidelity Power Cable


Keeley Compressor


Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube Processor

EMG-HZ Passive Pick-Ups


by Tony Senatore


Minds Of One
by Minds Of One


There Be Monsters Here...
by Thousand Pound Shine

Big Trouble
by Judge Unger

Outer Voice
by Stephen Jay