12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Ralf-Axel Krause from Hamburg, Germany and his Dean Rhapsody 12-string bass
On stage with the band Kamikasutra


Axel first learned of the existence of the 12-string bass when Cheap Trick played in Germany in the late 1970's. He got his Dean 12ver about four years ago from music dealer Martin Hense.

Having recently ended his tour with Kamikasutra, currently Axel plays in a classical orchestra as well as playing gigs in Berlin. He is actively involved in Aquarium Studios.


About the audience reaction to the 12-string bass Axel writes, "When you are on stage with that '12ver' you can see the difference between the audience and the musicians. The lower jaws of the audience are falling down to their knees and the musicians have only one big eye in their faces."


Axel would like to put together a music festival incorporating bands with 12-string bassists from Germany and elsewhere in Europe, so contact him if you are interested.

Be sure to check out Ralf-Axel's Website and Wikipedia page.