October 12-String Basses

Oktober Raven Series 12-string bass
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October 2008 Headstock

October Guitars introduced three new 12-string bass designs for 2008 - Jackyl, Rage and Wraith. A new headstock design has been incorporated into the new models. All basses have diamond-shaped inlays. They are made in Korea.

For reasons unknown, all these new basses incorporate 4-saddle bridges instead of the standard 8-saddle bridges typically found on quality 12-string basses. Also, the bridges and tailpieces look to be smaller than the body routs, as though the wrong hardware was used.

Jackyl Model

October Jackyl 12-String Bass - Tobacco Burst Quilt Finish


Three-piece neck-through maple neck with rosewood stringer accents. Separate battery compartment.


The passive pickups are matched with an active preamp. 26 Frets.


Jackyl 12-string bass art from June, 2007

The Jackyl was originally tentatively named "Paradigm"

Rage Model

October Rage 12-String Bass - Blue Quilt top with Maple Fretboard


Left-Handed October Rage 12-String Bass in the Transparent Emerald Green Finish.
Honduran Mahogany body with 5A Quilted Maple top. Western Hard Rock Maple fretboard
Inexplicably, a right-handed neck was used on the left-handed body, and the logo was printed upside down.

Rage 12-string bass art from June, 2007

Wraith Model

October Wraith 12-String Bass - Jet Black Finish, Rosewood fretboard


Wraith 12-string bass art from June, 2007

Trans-Black Finish 12-String Bass with Gold Hardware


Metallic Red Finish

Marble Finish


Violin Finish



Holo-Flake Finish


Custom-ordered October 12-string bass.

The back of the same bass. Note the 5-piece neck-through-body construction.


Pearlescent White Finish


Pearlescent White Finish with Gold Hardware


October Headstock - Early Design

October headstock on USA-made 12-string basses made from mid 2006 through 2007


USA Model October Standard Features:
5-piece mahogany neck-thru construction
Maple body
Santos rosewood fretboard with brass nut
26 fret neck
2 passive Seymour Duncan Phase II Soapbar pickups
On-board active preamp

Price information from the October website: USA-made 12-string basses
start at $2,200.00 for standard models with additional charges for special features.