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April 1, 2008
New King's X Album to be Released in May

Our good friend Doug Pinnick sent us the cover art for the upcoming King's X album titled "XV". The new album is scheduled to be released on May 20th in the USA and a few days earlier than that in Europe.

Doug writes, "The first song on XV starts out with my 12-string bass doing the intro, then the band kicks in. The song is called 'Pray For Me'. I used the Yamaha 12 for the song."

"XV" consists of 14 songs and, not surprisingly, is the 15th album released by the band since their debut as "Sneak Preview" in 1983.

Be sure to order your copy of "XV" right away!


September 28, 2007
New CRUNCHY Album Released

After a four year silence, Monty Colvin (bassist for Galactic Cowboys) has released his third CD from his solo project CRUNCHY. The new CD is called "Loserville" and it's a full-on rock epic that is guaranteed to satisfy. Returning to his Galactic roots, Monty has combined the elements of metal, punk and pop into a melodic punch in the face. He played both guitar and bass on this album.

This disc marks Monty's return as a 12-string bass player with the song "The Lucky One" which features Monty playing his October / Hades 12 predominately on the intro to the song. Monty has also submitted the song to be featured on the forthcoming "Overkill Is Just Enough" 12-string bassist CD. We are delighted to hear Monty playing the 12 again and are equally excited about the release of his new album!

Monty describes the new record as, "A return to the heavier sound of my past, but I've held onto the melodic side that has been on all the solo stuff thus far. I've received really good feedback from people on myspace, and picked up some new fans / friends who had never even heard of my previous bands. It's always hard to make everyone happy with what you do, and I guess that's why you just have to try and make a piece of art that makes yourself happy."

Other highlights on the CD include a guest spot by legendary guitarist Kerry Livgren from the classic-rock band Kansas, and harmony vocals that fill the 15 songs on this "rock opera".

A true vet of the underground, mainstream success has avoided Colvin thus far so you probably won't find this CD at your local Wal-Mart.  However, if you are ready for something fresh and hard-hitting "Loserville" can be ordered at www.MontyColvin.com. You won't be disappointed!

September 12, 2007
Tony Senatore to Release 12-String Bass DVD

Tony Senatore has announced that he will soon be releasing an instructional DVD all about playing the 12-string bass. It will be the first commercially available DVD specifically tailored to the 12. Titled, "A 12 String Bass X-ploration", the DVD will be available soon.

Tony told us, "I just outlined a few things in the narrative. To me, no one needs any specific instruction to play the 12. I just conveyed my concepts..."

Tony also devoted some time on the DVD to playing his fretless Rothstein 12-string bass.

The DVD is available for $15 postpaid to the USA / $20 with international shipping on Tony's website, http://www.senny.com

Keep watching this site for more details.

September 1, 2007
Doug Pinnick Holds Court at Daddy's Junky Music


On July 24th and 25th Doug Pinnick held clinics at Daddy's Junky Music stores in Manchester, New Hampshire and Boston, Massachusetts respectively. Other notables participating in the clinics were Billy Sheehan and the world's fastest drummer, Mike Mangini. According to Candi Bramante, Promotions / Artist Relations Director for Daddy's, "Billy and Doug were SPECTACULAR at the Manchester store, and the Wednesday night clinic at the Boston store with Doug and Mangini was incredible. Mike Mangini was in his glory as he is and has always been a HUGE King's X fan! You could see how much fun they were having with each other."

As usual Doug had his custom Yamaha 12-string bass in tow. While in Boston at the Wendy's next door to Daddy's after the sound check Doug explained to Philip Snyder, "They'll kill me if I don't bring it!" Doug went on to mention that even now when he pulls out the 12 he still gets questions as to what it is.

Special thanks to Candi Bramante for the use of her photos! You can visit Daddy's online at www.daddys.com.

December 4, 2006
dUg To Release 12-String Bass Instructional Video

Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, no one has ever released an instructional video dedicated solely to playing the 12-string bass. Within a few months that could all change.

Just a few days ago master bassist Doug Pinnick announced to us that he has decided to do just that, and we here at 12stringbass.net think it is long overdue.

"It's in the first stages - talk... LOL!! But Wally (Farkas) is helping me so it will get done soon. He's a good motivator" says dUg. "I will do it thru Molken Music. I plan on showing how I played all the songs on the KX CD's with my 12 and some cool stuff that I have come up with that will help people understand the animal of 12 string bass... Including how to get various tones out of it and what amps and pedals add to the uniqueness of the 12."

So what brought on the inspiration for this project? "I always wanted to do a vid, and I have been using it lately more than normal. I am writing some new KX songs with it, using it as the focal point for the songs, like Jeff Ament did with 'Jeremy'."

At this point dUg plans on using his custom Yamaha 12 and his recently acquired left-handed Waterstone TP-2 in the video. When questioned about a release date dUg said, "Hopefully I can get it done before we go to Europe in the fall."

We will certainly stay on top of this great video project and report on dUg's progress as it comes to us. Best of luck dUg!

October 1, 2006
Official David Henning Website Launched

After months of preparation over time spent healing from his terrible motorcycle accident, David Henning launched his new website DavidHenningMusic.com on September 19th. The site is of a stylishly Spartan design that displays David's interests in music and photography while also offering relevant information on his musical accomplishments. David has been a strong supporter of 12stringbass.net and we would like to congratulate him on going public with such a great website!

Dave's Accident Update

David's healing process is progressing, although some permanent injury was sustained by his left hand. David writes, "It has been a crazy 6 months since my motorcycle accident! You never know what you have until it is taken away from you. Having to relearn how to use my hand has been humbling to say the least, but I am lucky as things could have been much worse. It feels so good to launch my new site just as I am getting back out into the music world. Thanks to everyone at 12stringbass.net for the support!"

September 25, 2006
John Gallagher's 12-String Bass Destroyed by Airline

The 12-string bass recently acquired by Raven bassist John Gallagher has gone to that big music store in the sky.

Raven played at a metal music festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the end of August. When John got back home he discovered that the airline had snapped the headstock off of his October bass. The airline paid the claim but kept the instrument.

Tony Leicht of October Guitars reported, "They didn't even give me a chance to repair it, they just 'bought us off'." The bass had been delivered to John only a month before the Minneapolis gig.

Raven on stage at the Minneapolis Metal Festival



John's bass was a trans-black October 12 just like the one pictured here. John visited the new October Guitars shop last weekend. Tony Leicht writes, "I had one last Hades 12-string bass at the shop (actually belongs to Rich, our graphics guy) and John plugged it up and rocked out for awhile. Now, I've seen a lot of players come in over the years but I've never seen anyone tear up a 12-string bass like that. The dude was ripping arpeggios on it like it was a guitar... bending strings, playing chords with 3 fingers and while playing those chords using his 4th finger to smack harmonics on open strings, 2 hand tapping, etc. It was something to see, lemme tell ya. The dude was even squealing 3rd fret harmonics, and the only person I've seen do that accurately was Dimebag and that was on a guitar, not a 12-string bass!"

"Then he asked to take a guitar down and plug it up, and proceeded to go Yngwie Malmsteen all over the damn thing... all without a right hand pick. If I would have known he was gonna fukkin rip it up like that, I would have brought a video camera. I will next time!"

July 1, 2006
Tom Petersson on Cover of Bass Player Magazine

Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson appears on the front cover of the July, 2006 issue of Bass Player magazine, along with one of his ten Waterstone basses. This is the first time any 12-string bassist has been so prominently featured on the front cover.

The interview with Tom covers his playing style, recording, his rig, and tabs of a few of his more notable bass lines. There are a number of photos that cover Tom's gear and his long career.

Also included are Tom's 12 tips for bassists. Some relate directly to playing the 12-string bass, others are about musicianship in general.

This issue of Bass Player also includes an interview with former 12-string bassist Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.

Be sure to pick up your copy today!


May 23, 2006
Dave Henning Injur
ed in Motorcycle Accident

12-string bassist Dave Henning (Big Wreck) was recently involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Los Angeles.

Dave writes, "A guy driving a van pulled a left hand turn in front of me on Melrose and I broadsided it doing about 30 mph. I broke my left hand in two places, threw my back, neck and shoulders out.... I don't recommend using yer body to stop - It doesn't tickle! LOL!"

"I've been on the mend for about 6 weeks but I just learned that I might need surgery to fix the hand. Basically they would have to re-break the bone and then re-set it using wire and screws. I won't know for a few weeks. Hopefully I can avoid that..."

"It's frustrating that I cannot play. This is the longest I have gone without playing since I started a long, long time ago....."

Get well soon Dave, and we wish you a full and speedy recovery!


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