Hamer's Trade Show Quad Bass

When Hamer decided to put the Quad Bass into production they made a Quad that was very similar to Tom Petersson's original Quad and took it on the road, reports Jol Dantzig of Hamer.

This photo from a late-1970's NAMM shows a natural Hamer quad bass.

It has been consistently mistaken for Tom's original Quad bass for many years. Here are a few differences between the basses:

The original Quad has a prominent dark streak in the upper portion of the maple top on the body. The "Trade Show" Quad does not have this streak and has a significantly different wood grain pattern.

The location of the single mini-toggle switch is different on each of the basses. It is below and between knobs on the Original quad, but is positioned to the right of the knobs on the Trade Show bass.

The "Trade Show" Quad has extra wording on the headstock beyond the Hamer logo. This is believed to read, "Quad Bass". The original Quad said only "Hamer".

The Trade Show Quad also appears to have a rosewood fingerboard rather than the ebony that was used on the original quad bass.

 Modifications to the Original Quad Bass

Here are more details about the original quad bass that are evident in the photos supplied by Jol Dantzig. The bass was originally in the natural finish with the Hamer name on the neck pick-up. Tom Petersson soon removed this pick-up logo as it is absent from nearly all of the early photos of him with this bass. This quad was then painted black, the color it was when this photo was taken in either late 1979 or 1980. Over the years the black color has faded into dark green.

This photo was used in Hamer advertisements.

Early photo showing one toggle switch

Two more toggle switches added

A close-up of this photo shows that not only was the color changed but another modification was also made. Two more toggle switches have been added to the right of the knobs. There has been speculation that this bass was eventually stripped of the black paint and restored to the original natural finish. This speculation is completely false and has been refuted by Tom Petersson himself.

Thanks to Jol Dantzig for providing the photos and information!