Minds Of One

A Review by Mark Rowe

"Minds Of One" is the name of the new album by the band of the same name from Connecticut. The album was just released last month and features very credible performances from Jon Rogers on drums and percussion, Tony Villalba on smokin' guitar riffs and all vocals, and Ron Schack on heavy and melodic bass lines. Ron also wrote the lion's share of the songs.

The band's sound is a mix of varied styles, largely 70's power trio hard rock combined with a bit of power pop and some experimental rock. If I had to compare Minds Of One to other bands, imagine mixing Iron Maiden with Rush, some Ramones, a touch of Judas Priest and a little Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush mixed in for good measure.

The disk art created by Lisa Schack

Ron's wife Lisa, in addition to being the contact liaison for the band, also created the art for the disk. Ron told me that her album artwork "is a reflection of the mood of some of the songs". That's a pretty accurate assessment - the album is moody and mysterious throughout. The songs reflect Ron's journey through personal hardships and the emotions he experienced along the way.

Notes on the four songs recorded with a 12-string bass:

"A Mighty Fortress" - An instrumental tune, there is definitely a Rush vibe to it. Ron's bass work is a nice complement to Tony's guitar work. The tune is not quite three minutes long - I'd like to hear more!

“Who I Am" – Starts with the 12-string bass, including notes played on the harmonics. A good rock tune.

“Vengeance Is Ours” - A heavy bass line drives the song forward. Cool.

"Done" - The right song to end the album, complete with some killer guitar riffs. I'd like to hear these guys live!

Ron is pictured with his B12L on the inside cover

The bottom line on Minds Of One - A solid performance and original ideas; the album is consistently mixed and sounds good. I would like to hear a few more harmonies, maybe from the other band members. This album is available for purchase and download on the CD Baby and DigStation websites. So buy it already!

Be sure to check out the Minds Of One MySpace page!