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Why Octave Strings is Bad

An Assessment by Karl Childers

Yessir.... them octave strings.... they is bad.... mm-hmmm. I reckon some folks
may have a decent use for 'em, like stringin' up chickens or usin' 'em as shoelaces.


Chickens.... mm-hmmm
Them octave strings.... I studied about 'em. The Bible says you ought not use 'em.
It says if you do that, you go off to Hades. Some folks call it Hell, I call it Hades.

I reckon this is Hades.
That Tom Petersson.... I reckon he's a good man.... mmmm.... He don't look like much. They say he had somethin' to do with addin' them octave strings. But I don't reckon the Good Lord would send anybody like him to Hades. I figure addin' them extree octave strings was some sort of an accident.


That's me.
You shouldn't oughta use them octave strings.