Ken Morel's 12-String Bass Rig

Ken "Dogman" Morel from Opelousas, Louisiana


"My bass rig is a basically a split rig, clean side and dirty side. It's as follows: I like to run a full-range dual rig setup, one side clean and another side usually clean but with the option to overdrive it. The mainstays as far as amps go are an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro pushing an Ampeg SVT610HLF (clean side) and a Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master head (50 watt tube, non-master volume head) into an Ampeg SVT 410HE (overdriven side). I also recently picked up an old Ampeg V-3 (another 50 watt tube non-master volume head) and a Marshall model 1936 2x12 cabinet (75 watt Celestions); I may end up tinkering with the possibility of running it as a third amp cab rig for a slightly edgier grind sound I can add in and take out of the chain at will. This is just an idea Iím playing around with, Iím sure it would be a real headache to carry around that much more equipment, but Iím always tweaking and trying new stuff, so I figured I'd give it a try. The nice thing about the setup is that it really is flexible, I can have clean modern sounds and old style tone together at the same time. Its nice to have a setup that doesnít force you to have only one usable sound. The split rig setup really works for me."



"My basses are a 1995 US Hamer B12L in the translucent cherry finish, Fernandes Pre-APB 8-string (not the standard US model), a 1975 Rickenbacker 4001, Fender American Standard Jazz bass, a Yamaha RBX650 4-string, a Yamaha TRB5II 5-string, and an Ovation 5-string acoustic bass. Doug Pinnick was nice enough to autograph the electronics cover plates on both the Hamer and the Fernandes for me a few years ago."

"My pedals are as follows: The signal from my bass goes into a Trace Elliot Dual Compressor pedal, then to a Yamaha Nathan East Semi-Para EQ pedal. From there it hits a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner pedal. After that, it goes into an Ernie Ball stereo / pan volume pedal, which I use to split the signal. Side A goes straight to my clean side into a Blue Tube rack-mount preamp and into the Ampeg SVT3-Pro and 610HLF cab. Thatís the clean side. I also have a Dan-Electro Cool Cat Chorus pedal and an old ADA Flanger pedal that I sometimes run in the effects loop of the SVT-3."

"The B-side of the Ernie Ball volume pedal feeds into a Fulltone Bass-drive pedal and from there into a SansAmp Bass Driver D.I. pedal. This is where I get a warmed up overdrive to hit the front of my Traynor head and 410 cab. (The pic also shows a Boss LS-2 line selector in this chain though its not usually there, I was trying out running a AKAI synth pedal in one of its loops (for my 4-string) and hadnít taken it off the board before I snapped the photo (handy pedal by the way!) My 3rd amp / cab setup which may be temporary or permanent depending on how I like it is an Ampeg V-3 head and Marshall 2 x 12 guitar cab being fed from the direct unaffected jack of the SansAmp and being pushed by an Ibanez Phat-Hed PH-7 bass overdrive. The lows were rolled off on this setup to protect the speakers and also because since its combined with the other 2 amps, there is plenty of lows coming from the other two rigs, so it can be devoted more to the grindy portion of the sound."