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Jørn Mutert from Lotte, Germany and his Waterstone TP-12/34 12-string bass,
shown here on the bank of the Rhein River near the town of Cologne.


Jørn plays with the band Smile which is one of Germany's most requested festival bands. Smile has seven members and plays contemporary and classic rock and pop music. They perform about 100 nights per year and often play to crowds of from 1,000 to 4,000 people. The band is so successful that Jørn is able to play music full time.


Having played bass since he was 14, Jørn's first 12-string bass was a Hamer Ch-12XT. He received his Waterstone 12 less than a year ago. About the Hamer Jørn writes, "Apart from the string spacing I really like this bass a lot! But a real dream came true for me when I received my Waterstone TP-12. I play my TP-12 on nearly all of the rock stuff. I LOVE THAT THING!! People look at me like I was an alien when I play the 12, which is kind of funny but also quite nice." Jørn primarily plays the 12 with a pick but also plays fingerstyle occasionally.

His influences / favorite players include Sir Paul McCartney, Tom Petersson, Reinie Press and Aston Barrett.


This photo was recently used on the front page of the Westfälische Nachrichten newspaper.
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Jørn's rig includes a Mesa/Boogie 400+ bass amp and a 15/16 Mesa/Boogie cabinet.


The Waterstone 12 hangs next to a photo of Tom Petersson.


Jørn's other basses include a Hamer Ch-12XT 12-string, a 1993 Wal Mach II, a 1992 Rickenbacker 4001/CS (with the finish stripped) and a 1965 Hofner 500/1 violin bass.


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