Jon Schwalls' 12-String Bass Rig

"My rig consists of Mesa M-pulse Big Block 750 (750 watts @ 2 ohms), Mesa 6x10 powerhouse cabinet, Mesa Powerhouse 1000 cabinet (four 10" speakers and one 15" speaker), and a Peavey Classic 30 with a Celestion 12" speaker. It has been re-tubed with Groove Tubes GT-EL-84 power amp tubes; and GT-12AT7, GT-7025, and GT-12AX7-R preamp tubes."

"The 12AT7 lowers the gain, the 7025 adds great midrange harmonics, and the 12AX7-R adds great natural break-up with boosted high-mids."

"The Hamer 12 goes into the Switchbone and then Channel 1 goes to a MXR with the lows cut and mids boosted (guitar frequencies), and runs into the Classic 30 which is miked through the P.A. Channel 2 goes into a MXR with the highs and upper mids cut, then that signal runs into the Mesa M-pulse 600. All of my connections are made using various Monster Cable Performer 500 series cables. I have found that the different Monster Cables make a world of difference."


"Here is the signal chain... Bass inputs into ToneBone... Output 1 goes to the EBS Octabass which goes to MXR M-108 10-band active EQ, which runs to my Mesa MPulse 600; Output 2 goes to another MXR M-108 10-band active EQ which runs into a Line 6 AM4 amp modeler, which then goes into the Peavey Classic 30. I only use the Output 1 MXR when playing the 12-string, it is set to increase low end and decrease the highs so that the Classic 30 can reproduce the highs with or without distortion, depending on the AM4. When playing the Attitudes, I turn off the Output 1 MXR so that my 4-string tone is true and pure. I have found this setup to be the best sounding and easiest to use and carry, for my musical needs. The great thing is that the whole pedalboard can go with me into the studio and eliminate the need for my amps."

"I added a compressor in-line going to the Peavey Classic 30. After reading the review of the Keeley Compressor here on I had to try the idea and man did it work... Although it's a Boss pedal it still sounds much better than none at all.... Once again has helped me in my quest for the ultimate tone."

"This set-up works very well and enables my sound to be heard out front while not being over-bearing onstage."

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