12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Jon Schwalls from Savannah, Georgia

Jon plays several different basses including a black Hamer 12-string. He has played in many bands including such diverse music as Country, Gospel, Southern Rock, Progressive, and hardcore new Metal Rock. He will play with any band anywhere and always seems to be playing somewhere. Jon is available for studio work and fill-in bassist positions wherever needed. Previous bands include Mr. Wilson, C.N.I. Dogs, State of Mind, 8 Mile Bend, Big Nasty, Freon Sunday, The Michelle Murray Band, and The Karen Birmingham Project.


Jon started his bass playing career in 1992. His first private lessons were from Beaver Felton of Bass Central, who lived in Savannah at that time. He uses the 12-string bass on about 40% of the songs during live performances and keeps it in Drop D tuning.


Jon's influences are easy to spot from his basses... Billy Sheehan and Doug Pinnick. He plays the Hamer 12 with a pick but plays the Attitudes fingerstyle. Jon has used a 3-finger technique for many years now, it is one of the most requested lessons he is asked to give.

 Close-up Photos of Jon's amp set-up