Odell Robinson's 12-String Bass Rig

"This is my upgraded rig. From top to bottom:

Carvin CX1272 12-channel mixer
Furman power
Rane AC228 X-over
SansAmp RBI
dbx 12A Sub-Harmonic Bass Synth
Audio Technica ATW R14 Wireless
Sabine RT 7000 Tuner
Ampeg SVT4 Pro (low side)

Carvin SX200 (high side), Carvin 2X10, Carvin 4X12, Carvin 8X10

Not Shown: Carvin R1000"


"Ultimately I just want flexibility to do whatever is called for; biamp, single amp, clean, dirty, whatever. As always everything I've done over the last 3+ years has been influenced by this fine 12ver community. Bill Kron has been an inspiration (sub-harmonic synth) and my hero the Bassfreak is the reason I caught the Carvin bug. I salute all my 12ver brothers!"

"I highly recommend that if someone has the ability and funds they should get a sub-harmonic synth to supplant the low end. I find the result is a brighter and cleaner high end!!!"

"Note: The Audio Technica is proving to be an integral part of the system. That little bit of pre-amp from it seems to go a long way when fed into the Rane."


"Low end from Rane to Ampeg SVT4

High end from Rane to Carvin SX 200

The Ampeg goes out to the 8X10. The Carvin goes out to a 2X10 or 4X12

Sans RBI and Sub synth are in effects loop of the Ampeg.
Sans stomp and Korg in the Carvin effects loop."


"The Harley belongs to my roommate (Harley 1200 Custom Sportster, a whole lotta chrome)."