Ian E.'s 12-String Bass Rig

"The Trace Elliot rig seen here has done me exceptionally good service since 1994. I started off with just the one of these amps, thinking that would be enough for the pub band that I was in at the time, but I didn't reckon on Gary Burnett with his Marshall Valvestate amp and and need to sonically dominate the world. I ended up buying a second TE amp, six months after the first. The second one had a consecutive serial number to the first!"

"Basically my sound comes from setting the input gain to 5 out of 10 and putting the graphic in a 'smile' shape with the bass raised, the centre mid setting being fairly flat and an accent on the treble side. The output volume rarely needs to go over 3. The bass sounds slightly overdriven and bitingly trebly / boomy, all at once. Something like the sounds I have always wanted to emulate; Jim Lea from Slade and John Entwistle of The Who, though on a much smaller scale. Though it's possible to disable it, I have always played with the graphic on. There is also a mid-shape button which I always leave on."

"The two amps are linked by a simple little junction box with 4 sockets. The bass lead goes into that and then the signal goes out via two leads to the amp inputs. I don't like linking the two amps directly, as I have found that whatever you do to the top amp then affects the bottom amp, so you have to do everything twice."

"The rig copes with the Hamer 12-string bass quite happily, but I played at a jam night (on 9th March) and was totally taken aback that it sounded far better than usual when I played through a 4 x 10 cab that belonged to the host bassist. The treble that I would expect from the 12 came through loud and clear. Two 15" speakers won't do it. I was totally dismayed and set about looking for a new rig, shortly afterwards."

"On March 11th, I wandered into Academy of Sound and had a look round. I saw a rig which looked quite good and popped in the next lunchtime to try it out with one of their basses. Very nice. On March 13th, I bought this Hartke rig... 350 watts plus 1x15 and 2x10 speaker cabs. At present, the plan is to keep both rigs and couple them for bigger gigs."

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