12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Holm Krieger from Chemnitz, Germany


Holm plays a Hense 12-string bass with the band Solche. About Solche, Holm writes, "Solche is a commonly used German word and is mostly translated as 'such'. 'Such music' in German is 'Solche Musik' :-)"


"We play rock without roots. That means we are not inspired by Deep Purple or AC/DC or some band like that, we try to go our own way. We are not afraid to play a clean guitar if it fits."


Solche at a recent gig, they shared the stage with the popular German band Bananafishbones.


While the 12 is now used exclusively during live performances, Holm has also played a 4-string bass. The mp3's on the Solche website were recorded with the 4 but new recordings will all feature the 12-string.


Be sure to check out Solche's website