Hense 12-String Bass

Hense 12-string basses were sold exclusively by the Martin Hense music store in Kaltenkirchen, Germany. The features are very comparable to the Galveston 12's with a brass nut, bat-wing inlays and similar headstock design. They are only available in the Transparent Black finish.

2004 Hense 12-String Bass

Transparent Black finish


Bolt-on neck


Hense headstock


Bat-wing inlays


String Spacing


The control cavity has a separate compartment for the battery.
While wood screws attach the cover for the main compartment, brass inserts are included for the
battery compartment. A nice feature as the battery compartment will likely be opened more frequently.


Hans Grimm - Uithoorn, The Netherlands and his Hense 12-String Bass


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