12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Hans Edward Sahlen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and his Galveston 12-String Bass.
Hans has two Galveston 12's, one is tuned down to B-E-A-D.
He has played the 12-string bass for over four years.


Hans also plays a Hamer CH-12XT and sings lead vocals. He plays with the bands ROXON, HEARD and Marvelous Markus and The Power Blues Band. He also plays with Harold Anderson's Calgary Ranch Boys, a country square-dance band, during the world famous Calgary Stampede every July.

Hans uses the 12-strings on about 40% of the songs during live performances. He plays them with 1.00mm Jim Duncan picks, occasionally finger style as well as 'slap' style.

Hansí bass influences include Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Chris Squire, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Jack Bruce and Tim Bogert. Hans writes, "These are all influential cutting edge players who have outstanding vocal capabilities while playing intricate bass lines that in many cases are completely opposite time-wise." Hans cites Tom Petersson as the main reason he plays a 12-string bass along with Doug Pinnick. Other influences are Gary Karr and G. Ray Sahlen (both string bassists), John Paul Jones, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), John Entwistle, Mel Schacher (Grand Funk) and Robin Zander.


Hans also plays a Warwick Corvette 5-string Rockbass, an Ibanez Soundgear 5-string, a Stealth 5 and a Brice BX-405. His 4-strings include a Bently Series 10, a Diplomat, and a Cort Curbow,


Who says you can't slap a 12-string bass?

Click on this image to find out why Hans is nicknamed, "The Thumb".


Hans' thought for today: "Why would ANYONE want to play any other instrument when they could be a bassist and play a 12-string bass?"

See Hans' amp set-up