Hans Sahlen's 12-String Bass Rig

"I have continually updated my bass rig as I am constantly doing my best to improve my overall sound with my 12-string basses, as well as with my 4 and 5-string bass playing."

"My rig these days consists of the Behringer BX3000T 300W bass head along with a Yorkville 4x10 and a Mesa Boogie 1x15 cabinet. As my main bass amp speakers, they do a better job in any venue Iíve played in. And as with my bass head, they are relatively inexpensive. I stack my rig due to the smaller size of the stages I play on. Although it does get comments, both plus and minus, itís just what I need. I can hear everything just fine!"

"As for my in-rack tuner, GX210 guitar amp, compression pedal and EQ, Iím also currently using Behringer units as they do the job well for the dollar. Since I have done a fair amount of tweaking, they also sound great on-stage and really thatís the bottom line. No point in buying a 'good deal' that sounds terrible."

"As mentioned in my June Review I also use a Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube Processor in-line with my bass amp to add the tube sounds that are unavailable using solid state amps like Behringers."

"My pedal board is an integral part of my setup. It uses a Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI set at 'Fat Tube', of which the main output goes to my DOD FX30-B Noise Gate / Loop, then through a Behringer Compression Pedal and an AMT slap bass pedal through the Grant Fidelity to my Behringer BX3000T. The parallel second output is fed through a Hartke VXL Bass Attack DI then to the Behringer GX210. I run a balanced Y-cord microphone style cable out of my SansAmp and my Hartke DI to the PA. Iíve gotten great bargains on all my gear, and Iím extremely pleased."

"Using a comparatively small system in small to medium-sized venues (though it doesnít feel that way when Iím packing it), I use the effects pedals and active DI's to get various musical bass tones without having to use more powerful amplification which wouldnít work well in these more intimate situations. When I set up my rig, which now takes about 20 minutes, I set up the sound for my 12-strings and then my other basses absolutely rock!"

"Once again Iíd like to thank Mark and 12stringbass.net for featuring information on 12-string bass rigs. IĎve been able to explain to other band members, soundmen etc, what Iím trying to achieve as a 12-string bassist with the help of bass rig descriptions, pictures and information. I hope that I can continue to give back to this great 12-string bass community of which I continue to be so proud to belong. Keep on Rockiní and God Bless!"

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