Hans Grimm's 12-String Bass Rig

"Recently I upgraded my 12ver stack - this stack rocks!

The 575-watt Ashdown hybrid (tube / solid state) top delivers tons of power, and the ABM cabs do a great job of concerting all that power into pressure.

With this setup I honestly do not need a separate guitar amp to boost my 12ver sound, this baby does the trick all by itself. With just a little bit of what Ashdown calls 'tube grind' I get the 'wall of sound'.

Top case:

Wireless system aerials
Empty slot covered by cooling plate
TC Electronic Triple C Compressor
Sennheiser Wireless system
Phonic power conditioner
Korg DTR1000 rack tuner

Bottom case:

Double empty slot covered by a cooling plate with the Ashdown logo (My idea, the logo was purchased directly from Ashdown.)

Ashdown ABM 500 RC Evo III rack-mounted amp, 575-watts at 4 ohms


Ashdown ABM 410T 4 x 10" (600 watts), back ported

Ashdown ABM 115 1 x 15" (300 watts), back ported

This concludes my latest contribution to 12stringbass.net.  :)  

Hans Grimm"

A while back Hans sent us info about his bass rig, and here's what he had to say:

"I pensioned off my JBL resonator bass bin and got an Ashdown ABM410T 4x10 cabinet, together with an Ashdown MAG300H amp head. I had the feeling that two 15” speakers (one of them more than 25 years old) were not doing my 12ver the justice it deserved. I was so right!"

"Since I got the Ashdown stuff, the 12 strings sing at me, and I can almost hear every separate string. Also, the low end of the cabinet is amazing for such a compact cab. Not only does it have those British good looks (buffalo leather, Aston Martin-like logo, black metal grille), but it sounds far better than anything I’ve tried in years!"

"The Hughes & Kettner is still there supplying that 15” German growl, so together they sound like the Battle of Britain all over again. ;)"

"A total of 500 watts gives me plenty of overkill..."


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