12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Hans Grimm from Uithoorn, The Netherlands and his Waterstone 12-String Bass

Hans writes, "I have the feeling that my playing style has always been just right for the 12ver as it is a cross between rhythm guitar and bass guitar! :)"


Hans got his first 12-string bass, a Hense, in 2005. He has played an Ibanez Musician 8-string bass since 1980. He lists his major influences as Tom Petersson, John Entwistle, Jim Lea (Slade), Rob Gifford (Midnight Oil), Graham Maby (Joe Jackson), and Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith).


Hans with his band "So What?".  He built this red, medium-scale 4-string bass himself in 1985.


Hans' basses and his rig, which consists of Hughes & Kettner Basskick 515 200-watt combo plus a 15" ported JBL cabinet.


"Real Men Use 12 Strings"  A great t-shirt, Hans!

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