Power Cable Review

Grant Fidelity GF P-1.5 Power Cable
By Hans E. Sahlen

I am a 12-string bassist who plays 4 and 5-string basses as well and so am constantly looking at ways to “push the envelope” when it comes to sound innovation with my bass rig. I use a bass amp and guitar amp, plus a dual EQ (one for the 300-watt bass amp and one for the 50-watt guitar amp) a sound reinforcement pedal and two active direct boxes, one for the bass amp and one for the guitar amp.

I have modified one of my 12-string basses to a lower B-E-A-D tuning, regularly use a number of 5-string (B-E-A-D-G) basses onstage, and am also working on a 4-string bass tuned at F#-B-E-A. This means that I am always looking for anything that will allow me to have a strong bottom end that is relatively clean without being muddy and too loud. From my point of view, this requires a sensitive proactive power supply and the appropriate amplification to push my 4x10 and 2x15 bass speaker cabinets effectively.

I had been introduced to Grant Fidelity previously through the B-283 Tube Processor, which is now an integral part of my sound. I have also been intrigued by the sound quality that the Grant Fidelity GF P-1.5 power cable provides since I have heard the difference it has also made with in-home stereo equipment.

Ian Grant told me that the GF P-1.5 cables are designed as the affordable power cable solution by one of the premier manufacturers of high end audio and I believe it. It is considerably better quality than standard manufacturer-provided cables, which these days are pretty much plug-in computer power cords.

As I am been impressed with the B-283 and what it has done to my sound, I decided to give the GF P-1.5 cables a try. From what I have witnessed at my day gig, this cable seems to make anything it is plugged into sound (and also look) better. It feels great and has a special flex end that makes for plugging it into an amp a snap, something that other power cables generally lack. In short, it is a cool, powerful and solid looking cable.

As mentioned, I use a guitar amp because of the guitar-gauge octave strings on all of my 12-string basses. I have to EQ the amp so any low frequencies that get through don’t destroy its two 10” guitar speakers – hate the smell of speaker smoke! Once I tried the cables on my bass rig the effect on the sound was very noticeable right away. As explained to me, the P-1.5 tightens up the bottom end of the sound by reducing power harmonics around 60Hz which is why we usually hear a thump instead of the note.

Until using the GF P-1.5, I always got some noticeable high-end distortion from my guitar amp and had to spend quite a bit of time equalizing it for each stage where I set up. However that all changed once I began using the Grant Fidelity power cables. The guitar amp sound became much cleaner and virtually distortion-free which really surprised me. It obviously wasn’t speaker distortion, but amplifier distortion I had been dealing with! The bass amplifier sound also became rounder and clearer with little effort on my part. The B-283 was more effective too. Good thing I was sitting down when I first tried the three GF P-1.5s, I probably would have fallen over - I was that surprised! I decided to never give them back - sorry Ian!

So, these days I still use the GF P-1.5s; one on the bass amp, one on the guitar amp and one on the B-283 Tube Processor. What a difference! I now set my onstage volumes at about a degree lower with the same effect and better sound, punch and clarity. Using them makes me much happier playing my rig. As with the B-283 Tube Processor, the Grant Fidelity GF P-1.5 is relatively inexpensive and is a good investment and value if you are looking to strengthen your sound either onstage or at home. It is worth a serious audition!

For more information about the GF P-1.5 power cables, check them out on the Grant Fidelity website