Fretless 12-String Basses

Thus far, only three fretless 12-string (4x3) basses have been made.

Custom 2010 Wishnevsky Left-Handed 12-String Bass

This bass was built by Michael Sparacino in Minnesota. Starting with a body made by Steve Wishnevsky using a 5-string bass neck blank, Michael created this first-ever fretless lefty 12-string bass. The bass has a cherry body with a rosewood fingerboard. Neck through body construction; the neck is 5-ply with a truss rod.

Michael writes, "I've got a 4-string fretless from Wishnevsky and am addicted to the woody sound. I've got that in spades with this 12ver. I went with through-body to optimize the wooden sound."


As to the electronics, there is a single EMG passive pickup with a volume control. The compensated wood bridge was salvaged from a Harmony H-22 bass. "The intonation is surprisingly good given the wood bridge", says Michael.

2006 Rothstein Fretless Andromeda - Candy Apple Red Finish 12-String Bass
Custom made for Tony Senatore


Candy Apple Red Finish

GHS Black Nylon Tapewound strings for the fundamentals

Custom Gold-Plated Hamer bridge and tailpiece

Custom Gold-Plated Gotoh tuners

Kent Armstrong pick-ups, Stereo operation

Passive electronics

Unlined Birdseye Maple Fingerboard with Epoxy Coating

Ebony Binding, Bone Nut

1999 Hamer USA Fretless B12L - Candy Blue Finish 12-String Bass
Custom made for Mark "Surf Rat" Rowe


Candy Blue Finish

Inverted String Arrangement

Roundwound strings

Unlined Rosewood Fingerboard

EMG pick-ups

Active electronics

Surf on stage - July, 2011

Other Fretless 12-String Basses:

6x2 Fretless 12-String

About a dozen 12-string (6x2) fretless basses have also been produced by various companies.

Warwick Fretless 6-String / 2-Course 12-String Bass

Extended Range Fretless 12-String Bass

Left-Handed Fretless 12-String Bass played by Yves Carbonne in France