First Act Custom 12-String Bass

2008 First Act custom Reverse Delgada style 12-string bass in the Pelham Blue finish



This bass has three Lace Alumitone "Aluma 90" pickups. Each pickup has its own On / Off switch as well as a designated volume and tone control for maximum tonal versatility. The tuners are Gotoh GB7 bass tuners, Gotoh midsize 510 guitar tuners and Gotoh Mini 510 guitar tuners. 8-saddle bridge.

The bass is 32" medium scale (the standard First Act 4-string Delgada bass is 34" scale). It has a bound neck and headstock. The fingerboard has the "circling sharks" inlays. Dual truss rods.


The neck width at the nut is 1.9" and is 2.1" wide at the 12th fret. Neck thickness behind the 1st fret is .84" and .95" behind the 12th fret.

See how this bass was built.

2010 First Act custom shop 12-string bass

High On Fire bassist Jeff Matz worked with First Actís Custom Shop to craft this 12-string bass with a three-pickup configuration consisting of Kent Armstrong humbuckers and P-Bass style pickups. Bill Jancar from the First Act custom shop told us, "Yeah, that thing was a monster: Stereo jacks, one for the humbuckers, one for the P-Bass pickups, and a switch to make it mono out of one jack. Plus he tunes to C and had the higher six strings tuned to chords. We're actually building another in emerald green for a guy that once worked for him."

Jeff Matz at home

Jeff Matz on stage