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Erick Reyes from Manila, The Philippines and his Waterstone 12-string bass.


On stage with the band Kulukati

Erick states, "It's really hard for me to categorize what my band Kulukati plays. We play all sort of stuff, coming from varied backgrounds. But our common denominator is Gov't Mule, and we try to incorporate that into our original songs. Now that we have the top slide guitarist here in Manila, we're coming off sounding like Derek Trucks' band! :)"


Erick is a fingerstyle player.


About his rig Erick writes, "12stringbass.net is really a big help when I'm trying to build my rig. There's no second guessing, I need a guitar amp! So what I did was buy a Peavey Classic 20 as my distortion. Boy, when I first gigged with the 12'ver and the bi-amped rig, all the musos talked to me about it after our set, and at our local forum. Since then I've upgraded to the Classic 30 with the extension. My bass rig is an Alembic SF2 (get it! Better than those parametric or graphic EQ's!), Trace V-Type preamp, Carvin DCM1000, a couple of Aguilar GS112s. I split the signal with a Lehle, and all before that, I plug into a Mk. 4.23 Boost pedal."


Erick also plays a 4-string Yamaha bass. "I play a 4-string when I'm sitting in for a band, or during the frequent jam after the set. But I'm having this Yamaha converted to an 8-string to give it some hair."


Be sure to check out Kulukati on YouTube!