Electrical Guitar Company 12-String Basses

2011 Electrical Guitar Company 12-string bass
Custom built for Tom Petersson


Chris Hall, the owner of the first aluminum 12-string bass, told us, "Here's how that happened: A bass played named Bob Weston ordered an 8-string bass from EGC not too long ago. Bob's in a band called Shellac (with recording engineer Steve Albini). Cheap Trick have recorded with Albini (they re-recorded In Color with him, which is still unofficially released), have played a festival that Shellac organized, etc. So, at some point in the recent past, Bob let Tom play his 8-string. Tom liked it so much he ordered a custom 12-string from EGC."

This bass has Mike Lull Firebird pickups in it and a reverse body with gold pickguard. The body is similar to EGC's 'standard' bass body but with a shorter horn on the bottom, which would be longer if it were a true reverse body.


Kevin Burkett at The Electrical Guitar Company told us, "I'm building Petersson four more 12-string basses just like that. I build guitars, baritones and all. So far about 600 instruments. The 12-strings are $2,700.00. Most guitars are $2,200.00."

"Thanks again!

2009 Electrical Guitar Company left-handed 12-string bass

Kevin Burkett at The Electrical Guitar Company of Pensacola, Florida just completed this custom all-aluminum 12-string bass for Chris Hall. It is a neck through body design with the front and back body halves being hollow and surrounding the neck. The fretboard is screwed and epoxied to the neck, with the screws being hidden under the fret marker dots. The bass is 34" scale with 20 frets. It has a 48mm aluminum nut and a Schaller bridge.

Chris Hall writes, "As far as I know, this is the only all-aluminum 12-string bass on the planet. It's been a dream of mine to own one ever since purchasing my Travis Bean basses back in early 1999, and Kevin Burkett was the only person I could find willing to make it for me. Even though he considers this a custom, he is willing to make more if anyone's interested."


"Kevin was very receptive to the idea of building a 12-string bass. He always seems to have some crazy project like this on the back burner, which he gets to work on when he's not making his standard line of guitars and basses. He's made somewhere between 200-250 instruments over the last 5 or so years, and more people find out about them every day. I can think of two or three bands who have used his instruments on the Tonight Show, etc."


As far as the electronics, this bass has four passive pickups: Two humbuckers with coil taps for the octave strings and two single coil bass pickups. The pickups were made by Electrical Guitar Company with the covers being made of aluminum as well. There are two outputs, one for the guitar pickups and one for the bass pickups. As for the toggle switches, four are on / off switches, one routes the pickups to a single output for use with one amp, and two are for the coil taps on the humbuckers.




Get more information at the Electrical Guitar Company's website.